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O.B.Wiik Services AS

O.B.Wiik Services is a leading Norwegian event supplier, as well as experts in the assembly, dismantling, and maintenance of fabric and steel halls.


O.B.Wiik Services is a division of O.B.Wiik AS, which was founded in Norway in 1912 and is a leading supplier of all kinds of fabric-covered products.

O.B.Wiik Services are the assembly and dismantling experts of O.B.Wiik. Their extensive experience in the event sector means we know how to construct fabric, steel, and concert halls quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safety. Each year they complete dozens of projects, from relocating WiikHalls to erecting huge festival stages for Norway’s most famous events.

They know fabric and steel halls inside and out, so it makes sense that they’re the go-to for repairs, service, and maintenance. Fabric resheets, patching, inspections—they ensure halls reach their maximum potential, extending their lifetime by decades.

O.B.Wiik is known throughout the Nordic region for their high-quality and adaptable solutions. They have sales offices in Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim in Norway and subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark. Their main head office is in Oslo, Norway. Overall, O.B.Wiik has over 100 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 500 million.

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