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Zurhaar AS understands that our activities inevitably have an effect on the local, regional, and global environment.


Zurhaar AS understands that our activities inevitably have an effect on the local, regional, and global environment.


We take environmental and social responsibility seriously

As a major player, we are concerned with reducing the environmental footprint of the real estate industry, and work daily to improve ourselves in order to reduce energy consumption and handle waste in a better way.

We have our own operations department with extensive experience in property management, which is responsible for looking after both the property and the tenants in the best possible way.

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We are Eco-Lighthouse certified

We are humbled and proud to be able to say that Zurhaar AS has been Eco-Lighthouse certified.

This is visible proof of our commitment to responsible and sustainable operations, and gives us a concrete tool to work continuously with our green transition.

Eco-Lighthouse is Norway’s most widely used certificate for businesses that want to document their environmental efforts and demonstrate social responsibility.

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Sustainable business operations in Zurhaar

In February 2023, we gathered all the managers in our companies for to kick-off our sustainability work.

Sustainability must be a natural driver for all the companies in the group, and forms the basis of the group strategy, business philosophy, and value base.

We are convinced that sustainable business operations provide increased profitability, strengthen the companies’ value, demonstrate social responsibility, and provide a bolstered reputation.

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The Transparency Act

We work daily to run the group in a responsible manner, and believe that everyone should have equal rights. We want to ensure that our suppliers also have the same focus. Therefore, we demand that our suppliers and partners comply with the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for responsible business.

UN Global Compact

About the Transparency Act

The Transparency Act promotes businesses’ respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions, while ensuring the public’s access to information. The Act has a two-fold purpose, and imposes an information duty on the business and a duty to carry out due diligence assessments.

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Follow-up of suppliers and partners

Zurhaar AS group with subsidiaries has initiated extensive work to map our value chain. This mapping shall be the basis and premise for ensuring that we meet the reporting requirements in the new Transparency Act.

The mapping sets guidelines for which of our suppliers and business partners require further follow-up.

The findings from our due diligence assessments will be published in a separate report.

Board decision

In November 2022, the board of the group decided, among other things, that we shall develop the group, the people, and their working environments with respect and equality for the good of the individual and society.

Board resolution

Due diligence assessment

Zurhaar AS has not received any inquiries from the general public related to our activities.

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