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Zurhaar AS acquires O.B.Wiik


Real estate, contractor, and industrial group Zurhaar AS has acquired O.B.Wiik AS.

Following the acquisition, Zurhaar AS will have a total estimated turnover in 2022 of £124.5 million, and will employ 420 employees globally.

Present in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, O.B.Wiik is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of fabric buildings, work/construction shelters, and tarpaulins. Additionally, they are present in the event market with exhibition, stage, and grandstand solutions on offer. O.B.Wiik is also a preferred supplier of emergency relief shelters with warehouses strategically placed in 8 countries to deliver buildings and shelters during major international humanitarian crises.

We want to praise the seller who, after owning the company for 110 years, now sells all the shares to us. This will strengthen their solidity and create new growth for O.B.Wiik.

Zurhaar AS CEO
Rune Birkeland

O.B.Wiik and Rubb Industries AS currently compete in the fabric building and rental sectors, but this acquisition presents the opportunity to cover markets where Rubb currently lacks representation—events and emergency aid for example. With this purchase, Rubb will have access to a larger market for sale and rental with O.B.Wiik’s products and a greater international reach.

The main goal of this acquisition is twofold: to foster these companies’ synergies, and to expand internationally.

O.B.Wiik Facts

  • Present in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark
  • Turnover of £44 million
  • 90 permanent employees
  • Established in 1912

This is a company that has great capacity, knowledge, and experience in the industry both nationally and internationally. It has always been my goal to internationalise O.B.Wiik after I took over the company from my husband Ole Bjørn Wiik.

Previous sole owner
Kristin Anker

Zurhaar AS welcomes O.B.Wiik to the family and looks forward to the future opportunities this acquisition presents.